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If you are looking for a new addition to your family a teacup pig just might be a perfect fit. 

They are a very clean animal and are extremely smart. 

They can either be litter box trained or trained to go potty outside. 

They play well with others so if you have children or a other pets like cats and dogs your teacup pig will get along with them just fine.

Your teacup pig can also be taught tricks like how to sit for a treat as well as how to be led on a leash or harnish
by Karen Garlick

Teacup Pig

When adopting a teacup pig be very wary of classified ads or breeders that are selling their "teacup pigs" for under $1,000 dollars. 

Real teacup pigs are rare!!! 

Size is important!!!

They are hard to come by and because of this that is why they are expensive

 That being said they live for 15-20 years and make wonderful pets so they are definitely worth every cent.

 If you are a pig lover but don't have enough for a teacup pig you can either save up or get a pot belly pig. They make great pets although they do get a lot bigger but are cheaper. 

One thing we always encourage people to do as well and check out there local sanctuaries to see if there are any piggies there that need a home before you adopt from us.
Can't find a local teacup pig breeder in your area?

Most states don't have local teacup pig breeders that actually have real teacup pigs.

Most of the teacup pig owners that adopt from us are located in a different state. 

We are able to ship your new teacup pig to an airport near you. 

Rest assure that the airports go out of their way to make sure your teacup pig can travel safe and comfortably to you. 

How can you trust us? We never ask for cash when you purchase your teacup pig. You can use a credit card or use paypal. Both these forms of payment have consumer protection that way you can feel safe in your purchase of a teacup pig.
You can have a teacup piglet in your arms as soon as tomorrow

We ship to all 50 states

Don't be fooled by breeders taking pictures of babies at just hours old! 
If the Piglets don't have plenty of hair on them that is a huge warning sign about the breeder

Buyer beware of breeders that offer Weight Guarantees! 
Read the small print of the Guarantee if they are making you jump through a lot of hoops and only willing to refund back 20% of your money they are not being honest with you.
They are only selling a guarantee and not a quality teacup piglet!

How does shipping it work?

We ship your teacup piglet to an airport to you. They airports go out of their way to make sure the teacup pigs are comfortable and arrive safe to you.

See a teacup piglet you would like to adopt?

Great! Because our teacup piglets are adopted very quickly if you see a piglet that captures your heart be sure to call us as soon as possible to so you can put down deposit and reserve your teacup piggy. 

The deposit to reserve your teacup piglet is $250 it is non-refundable. 

We now offer financing. You can adopt a teacup pig have the piglet sent to you and have a low monthly payment. 

​Estimated adult size of teacup pigs

Super Micro Nano Teacup Pig~ 12 LBS and up (very rare)
Micro Mini Teacup Pig~ 17 LBS and up
Small Teacup Pig~ 25 LBS and up

All sizes are just estimates based adult parents. It is important that teacup piglets be kept on their diet to avoid excessive weight gain and health problems. 

If you see a teacup piglet you would like to adopt
 Pleas call or text 801-376-5785

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