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Miniature pig can be a very good companion aside form being a great pet. Pet pig and any other pets can be your stress reliever and source of happiness. There are lots of pet stores that surely have mini pigs for sale since these are very popular nowadays. Some of the types of miniature pigs that can be your ideal pet are the Kunekune pig, Yucatan pig or Mexican Hairless, Juliani pig or Painted Miniature pig, Vietnamese or Potbellied pig, Ossabaw Island or Feral pig, African Pygmy also called as Guinea Hogs.

One of the most popular breed of miniature pigs is the African Pygmy. It is believed that they are the descendents of pigs from Africa brought to Southern United States during the slave trade. This pig was changed into a homesteader pig through a thorough breeding. Prior to the civil war, Guinea Hogs are very common in the south because they are considered as easy keepers and docile pigs. They also serve as the food for the poor in the rural areas. Because of their hunting abilities to catch and eat snakes, the homesteaders leashed them in their yard. Their numbers declined after the civil war because the farmers went to confinement methods of farming. Guinea hogs are considered to have a critical need of conservation based on the American livestock Breeds Conservancy.

A normal size of this breed has an average weight from 60 to 300 lbs and their heights vary from 14 to 22 inches tall, while Teacup pigs weigh 20-40 lbs. They have a medium sized upright ears, tails with a kink, non-wrinkled skin, moderately short snout and stocky with short legs. They are very easy to handle and have a gentle temperament. These African Pygmy pigs are very friendly, adaptable, alert, intelligent and active. They easily bond and choose to be close to their favorite people.