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Micro pigs are small version of the normal sized pigs you see in pig pens. Such pigs were products of medical research in Europe. Chris Murray was the first person to ever produce a teacup sized pig, and his first pet pig has a cross breed of pot belly. It became popular after British personalities and Hollywood celebrities were seen walking with their piglets on streets. Today, more naive individuals are looking forward to own one too, and one of the favorites is the micro Vietnamese Potbellied pig.

Vietnamese Potbellied pigs usually grow 150 – 200 pounds. A mini pot belly big weighs about 50 pounds and a height of 14 inches. Do not assume that it will not grow weigh bigger than that, because even if they are named as Teacup pigs, they are still growing in height and weight. These pigs are believed to have been originated from the small Chinese pigs, swayed backs, and abdomens that hang loosely. They also have short snouts, legs, straight tails, and small erect ears. They come in different colors, primarily black and white. Since, there are more breeders nowadays; they have produced other colors, tan, red and silver colors. Their skin can be sometimes dry and blistering but the hair is either firm or spiky.

They are much like dogs; they can be trained with different tricks like fetching and sitting, but they can become easily bored and destructive. Same with other breed of pigs, they have a good nature. They are clean animals, contrary to popular belief. When it comes to feeding, you must be careful because they require special diet. Ask your veterinarian for proper nutrition of your pet pig. Nobody certainly knows the lifespan of pigs, but they can however live with an average of 12 -15 years long. Consider a lifelong commitment to care a miniature pot belly pig. They need attention and an owner that can much love them.