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Ossabaw, it is one of the barrier Sea Islands off the coast of Georgia, USA. It is where the Ossabaw Island pig got its name too. The pigs were brought by the Spaniards during their exploration in America and are considered feral pigs. Every type of pig breeds is different from each other and mini Ossabaw Island pig has something which is not common from other pigs.

Ossabaw Pigs are small and normally they weigh less than 200 pounds and nearly 20 inches tall. The miniature pigs of this breed have an average length of 14 – 20 inches and weigh 25 – 90 pounds. The island is small and the source of food is also limited and it is believed to be a phenomenon called insular dwarfism. They have different colors too; red, blue and gray. Their spotted coats comes with variety of colors; red, black and white. Their ears are pricked, pointed and stands erect. Their heads are heavy and with bristles on their neck and top line. Additionally, they have long snouts and heavy coat bristles.

In terms of temperament, they are excellent because they are lively, friendly and intelligent which is due to their wild heritage. They can bond with your family members and can be trained with various tricks. They are believed to live for up to 25 years, sounds like raising a child. What is more interesting about this breed, its high dietary salt tolerance which is very rare from other breeds.

Pigs are like humans who are in need of an owner to take care of them and spend time playing with them. Having a pet pig is not just for pleasure or luxury, but rather a responsibility.