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Yucatan pigs are also known as ‘Mexican Hairless’ pigs. It originated from Central America namely in Mexico, Costa Rica and other South American countries. They are used in laboratories for medical research because of their features similar to humans; like their skin and organs. The mini Yucatan pigs are also product of medical experiments just like the potbelly and Kunekune.

Yucatan pigs can be distinguished easily because of lack of hair or completely bald. They have straight backs, bellies and few bristles. At maturity, they weigh 150 – 200 pounds, 550 to 675 pounds when full grown, and 16 -24 inches tall. They can be in two colors; either slate grey or black. Their snouts are short and the ears are medium size.

Aside from the similar features of the pigs with humans, another reason of the Colorado State University is their personalities. The Yucatan pigs are easy to handle and have a docile temperament. They are gentle and
Over the years, smaller pigs have risen through various breeding process. Although they come in small sizes at birth, miniature pigs grow bigger. The pigs are sociable animals and it can be a good idea to get your pet pig another company. Maybe a mini Yucatan pig can be a partner for your Vietnamese potbelly or Kunekune pig. Have you chosen what breed of teacup pig would you like to have as a pet?