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Teacup Pigs for Sale in Alabama 

You must have seen and read stories about cute and very small farm animals that are trending these days? However, you do not know whom to trust or where to obtain one as several people have expressed concern about crooked deals and fraud over the Internet. If you are looking for teacup pigs Alabama, then you have come to the right place. Here, you do not just find cute and healthy oinkers, but you will also learn many things and interesting facts about these animals.

Mini pigs Alabama like humans, are very sensitive, but intelligent creatures. They can learn easily with continuous training and they also love company. They are very affectionate and they love to play around with people. Contrary to popular belief, these oinkers are not dirty animals. In fact they set apart their sleeping and their toilet, they are also susceptible to bacteria and viruses. They have the reputation of being dirty creatures because people place them in muddy and cruddy cages in farms and other messy areas. 

So, when did teacup pigs become pets and where did these unusual porkies came from? In the 1960s, these animals were used as experimental subjects for medical study in toxicology, pharmacology, and other fields of research. Because of their size, they are easier to work for organ transplants and other studies in regenerative medicine. Later on, these animals made their way to circus events and natural parks as they attacked attention to visitors because of their unusual size. Until, some wealthy pet lovers decided to house them as pets. 

How come we have some of the smallest teacups in the world? Basically, pigs are raised as a food source and the quickest way to make money from them in the market is to feed them on fattening diets. Not in this house, we breed pigs not as a food source, but as pets. Although these creatures love to eat, as breeders, we do not cave in to their wants. Underfeeding leads to death and overfeeding can cause serious health conditions. Our tiny porkies get quality and proper diet to maintain their cuteness and cuddliness. 

Other breeders have the tendency to overfeed these cute favorites. Because these animals are very cute and lovable, breeders tend to give their pet with almost anything. Owners usually treat their pets especially when they are training them. For these sows, raisins, wheat, and unbuttered-unsalted popcorn is enough. Do not give them chocolates or candies because they can be deadly to your favorite. Instead, provide healthy treats with less calories or you can look for pig treats that is specially made for these type of animals. 

Some type of food that should be avoided when feeding these tiny oinkers are the following: kitchen scraps, junk foods, sweets, potatoes, corn, and tomatoes. These substances contain high calories, highly acidic, and may contain micotoxin, not advisable for teacups.

Also, we always make sure that our piggies have access to clean drinking water. However, they can also be given with fruit juices, but not sodas, as long as the mixture is mostly water. As well, we make sure that their drinking bowls are always clean and their areas tidy.

In order to achieve the desirable size of mini pigs, we do not just go by some arbitrary raising. Achieving the perfect size of these miniature sows requires proper breeding and care. In our case, we use sows that are one genetically smaller and mate mate them until they are one year older. This way, the offspring will be at least smaller and the birthing process will be easy. 

What happens if you mate them at an early stage? Although mating usually do come into season, the size is not appropriate for mating. If you let them mount at a very young age, they end up to be irresponsible parents. Usually, the mother would not feed her piglets and leave them alone. Eventually, the offspring will become weak, get easily sick, and will die. Looking at these cute babies getting weak is already heart breaking, how much more if you witness them die. 

Shipping these animals is also a major issue. These porkies can and may be stressed from improper delivery. We only provide proper teacup delivery Alabama to any airport near our clients. We look for airlines that have the safest pet programs to ensure security and risk-free delivery. Aside from the health issues, some States might require specific details when shipping out these oinkers. Some areas in the US still consider teacup pigs as farm animals. 

These pets require a travel crate when being shipped out. Usually, the payment of container is already included in the airfare. All flights should be booked at least 24 hours before the departure date to make sure there will be no complications and problems during the delivery. This is also to provide advance flight information numbers of the piglets to the clients so that all preparations can be made without any problems.

To make sure that the piglets will arrive on the delivery date, we can use Continental Airlines. However, if we cannot make a connection with Continental, then we can go to American Airlines. Both airline companies can provide same-day shipping, including safe and secure shipment package for piglets.

American Airlines usually requires above 35 degrees Fahrenheit temperature of the destination, but not hotter than 85 degrees at any point in their trip. However, if we can successfully book a flight with Continental Airlines, they can ship the piglets at any temperature.

Because our cute oinkers are sent with priority, they will be taken immediately from the cargo when the plane arrives at our clients nearest airport. Clients may claim the animals in the cargo pick up area or in the priority parcel office. In order to claim them, clients must present a valid identification card before they are released to the new owner. We also asked our clients to call us for confirmation the moment they claimed the pigs or when they arrived home from the airport.

We will make all arrangements with the airlines to save clients from trouble. We understand the excitement that you feel, that is why we always look for the shortest flight available so new owners can cuddle their favorite the soonest.

Before the delivery, food and care instructions will be provided to clients so that preparation can be made before the piglets arrive. Before the travel date, the micro pigs will undergo a vet exam to obtain valid health certificate. Also, we do not sedate the animals during the travel to avoid health problems later on. 

So wait no more, contact us today for inquiries on how we can help you in shipping teacup pigs to Alabama. Your desired pet may just be sitting in your home the next day!

Teacup Pig for sale in Alabama

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