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Playing with Your Pet Mini Tea Cup Pigs

Teacup pigs or miniature pigs are specially bred pigs originating from Gloucester Old Spot, Kunekune, Tamworth and various other breeds from Europe, China, Mexico, Africa and Central America. They weigh lesser than one pound when born but can grow weighing up to 65 pounds at most. Many also become fully grown with a height of 12 up to 16 inches.

These animals make good pets and are low maintenance. This is basically why many homeowners consider purchasing teacup pigs for sale in Idaho. Caring for them is not entirely difficult as well. They demand for the same care and attention as dogs of similar size. The key factor in strengthening bonds with pets is consistency. Hence, owners must make sure that they will not be breaking rules and routines related to caring for and playing with their mini pets.

1.Winning your pet’s trust.

With their social nature and intelligence, mini cup pigs are naturally playful. Before you get to play, however, it may be important to first inspire your playmate to interact with you by establishing a trustworthy relationship with her. It takes pigs some time to warm themselves up with people so be patient.

Always speak calmly and move slowly. Give your pet a scratch right on her most favorite spot as well. These may be simple moves but they lead to friendship. After some time, it is more likely that your pet will be regarding you as her playmate.

2.Be affectionate.

Miniature pigs are typically social in nature. They will long for people’s affection, as with all other social creatures. Spend some time cuddling with your pet and constantly give her rubs. Pigs with fulfilled social needs tend to be much more playful.

3.Give your pet basic training.

Train your pet so she can understand what you expect out of her and know just what behavior is appropriate. Although mini cup pigs are small, they can still be strong and play destructively or dangerously. Employ positive reinforcement when training your pet. Do not focus on giving punishment.

4.Allow frolic time for outdoors.

People typically buy teacup pigs for sale in Idaho and train them to be indoor pets. Nonetheless, these animals also need to be given time to bask under the sunlight and run or play outdoors. Consider playing games of tag with your pet outside. You might also want to root around dirt with her. Pets enjoy seeing their owners act a little like them every once in a while.

5.Let your pig play with toys.

You don’t need to buy fancy play things although miniature pigs will surely enjoy tinkering with these. A blanket or several newspaper sheets will keep animals occupied for many hours. Pigs love food so you might also want to try inserting these into their toys. They’ll feel delighted with treats randomly rolling around.

6.Take hints from your pet.

With their natural intelligence, pigs will most likely discover some way to play their own games. If you find that she is playing a certain game, then don’t hesitate to join in. Try to learn the rules she has created for this play and join in on the terms created.

Before you start looking for teacup pigs for sale in Idaho, understand that these animals require mental work and regular exercise so they don’t become lazy or violent. You will need to spend time walking them daily to minimize the time they spend alone. Having a garden area where they can play is ideal. They also need protection since they cannot defend themselves should they be attacked by dogs or other animals.