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Teacup pigs: Proper Guide for Growing Them
Pets provide numerous benefits to their owners. These loving animals greatly affect people’s lives with their cute appearance and kind companionship. If you have mini cup pigs or miniature pigs in your home, you will be surprised with their wits and fondness. Hence, choosing teacup pigs for sale in Illinois will surely brighten up your day every time you wake up in the morning or come home after work. These lovely oinkers, though tiny, can easily change the atmosphere in your home.

In return, you as their owner must take good care of them too so they may continue provide your family with healthy relationship and happiness. Here are some tips that you might want to apply when growing mini teacup pigs in your house:
1.Feed your miniature pigs regularly. Do not miss one meal if you wish to see your mini cup pigs healthy. These tiny fellows can be vulnerable to sickness without proper attention and feeding. However, avoid feeding them too much as they may easily grow bigger than expected. Miniature pigs, though tiny and cute, they can grow up to 16 to 20 inches and weighs up to 60 to 70 pounds if being fed above their normal diet. If you wish not to speed up their growth, just feed them ¼ cup of feeds in the morning and evening.

2.Make sure to provide them with enough water supplies that they can access at all times. These cute tiny fellows are very active when awake. They love to explore every corner of your house and love to play with humans too. However, they do not sweat like humans do. Hence, expect that they drink a lot of water to keep them hydrated and maintain their body temperature. If you buy teacup pigs for sale in Illinois, make sure they get enough water to keep them cool after all their daily activities. 

3.Train them with tricks and skills as these tiny teacup pigs can easily follow instructions. These animals maybe known for laziness, but in reality they are very intelligent. However, you’re going to have to use positive reinforcements during their training. As we all know, pigs love food and they love to eat. Hence, to get through their heart, you must fill their stomach first. 

4.Visit your vet regularly to monitor your pet’s overall health condition. If you notice any signs of sickness, immediately contact your local or favourite veterinarian. These animals are vulnerable to disease and illness if not properly maintained. Ask and talk to your vet about getting your teacup pig vaccinated. Several areas and states require pets to have proper vaccination. Also, you may consult on the proper diet of your pets as these creatures can be allergic to some kinds of foods. For example, avocado, chocolate and salty foods are toxic to pigs. 
5.Play with your pets and make them feel that you care and love them. These animals require attention; otherwise, they would not cooperate with you anymore. Thus, always find time in the morning before going to work to play and walk with them. When you come back home after work, greet them and spend time having fun. 

You find various options when looking for teacup pigs for sale in Illinois. Before purchasing, make sure to arrange for delivery details so you can prepare for the shipment and when receiving your pets. If you’re buying from an Internet vendor, call them through their landlines first and ask for more information about how to take better care of a teacup pig. Browse now for your options!