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Teacup Pigs for Sale in Indiana – Guides and Tips

If you think you have more than enough with your furry friends at home. Or you have had enough of all the horror stories of raising pets - then you’ve not seen it all. While it does not hurt to know that it is a status symbol and the latest fad to hit the US, there is more to teacup pigs than meets the eye. Discover how a mere 10 to 40 pounder can change your life big time.

A cat may curl up beside you but it sheds. And a dog may wag its tail to comfort you, but it pounces. And both may just be a tad too heavy to handle. Well not teacup pigs. Like cats, dogs and any other house animal, they can stay close to you for comfort, they can keep you company when you feel alone, they can console you in their cute little ways – minus the weight, the sudden “jumping on you in unguarded” moments , all those hair on your clothes, car seat and couch. And because they are tiny as they can be, you can take them anywhere - to the beach, while doing the groceries, or while out on dinner with friends. Dress them up like you would your mini self and viola you get yourself a toy and pet rolled into one.
Contrary to popular belief, teacup pigs, oh well, pigs in general, are actually very clean animals. Few days from birth, they can already be litter box trained. So you wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning up after their mess – all the time. Just a warning though, they can be a little territorial in their own areas, but who isn’t? One thing’s for sure though, you can teach them to not munch on your cushions or “jingle all the way” in your plant boxes. Their absence of sweat glands also means one important advantage. Teacup pigs don’t stink. They do not emit any odor. The reason why they dig into mud and water is to keep their bodies cooled down and not because they want to get all dirty. They are also able to bite bugs and pests away off their skin. Afraid to get sunburned, farm bred pigs resort to “pigly” ways, muddy water and all. Miniature pigs, on the other hand, are best kept indoors to avoid the heat generally. 
They have the intelligence as that of the chimpanzees – you can just imagine the countless tricks you can teach them. And all the fun you’ll have in the process. They can recognize patterns, distinguish differences, and do routines. The possibilities are endless with a mini pig companion that actually thinks. 
And if you’re looking for a pet that can reciprocate the tender loving care you willingly give it, then you’re in for a treat! Teacup pigs are known and proven to be very sweet, charming and affectionate. They just know where to give love where it is due. Like little babies, though, they can get sensitive sometimes. When ignored and neglected, they tend to misbehave and show their disappointment. But once you win them back, you’re sure to get loads of snuggling and nestling. 
Discipline can be an issue. As with other living creatures. You know how teeners can go Rambo on you and misbehave to catch your attention? These miniature babies are no exemption. They can get a little rowdy than the usual but if you put your foot down, then they’ll know who to follow. You just need to be consistent or else you’ll fall prey into their charming spoiled ways. Let them know who is the boss and you will forever be the boss.
You might now be looking for teacup pigs for sale in Indiana as they are definitely the best choice to keep you company and to rear. And the ones we sell here are guaranteed to be of the real kind. No, they don’t grow any pound bigger than 40 pounds! This is because big surprises surely do come in small packages.