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Selecting Teacup Pigs for Sale in Iowa

Like any other pet, miniature pigs have their own share of advantages and disadvantages. Yet these little pet pigs are becoming all the rage for many good reasons. For one, they are incredibly intelligent animals, ranked 4th in terms of intelligence versus humans, primates, and whales/dolphins (which rank 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively). It is this factor that makes mini cup pigs incredibly easy to train, and also one of the reasons why they are so popular to many pet owners. In fact, teacup pigs for sale in Iowa and in other states have become quite commonplace because of this particular appeal; notwithstanding the cuteness of these animals, of course.

Speaking of easy to train, miniature pigs are known for being highly potty trainable pets. And contrary to popular belief, pigs aren’t really naturally unclean or dirty animals so long as you give them the right motivation. This is more so in the case of mini cup pigs. Indeed, training them to use little boxes is actually surprisingly easy. Similar to cats, they can be taught to pick their own special spots where they would discard of their waste. And just like felines, they aren’t the type of animals to vary their routines. Therefore, if you choose a spot that they could uses as bathrooms, they always return to that place when the call of nature arrives. With just a bit of prompting, you can teach miniature pigs to use litter boxes like pros.

Here are more insights on the matter:

Picking the Appropriate Litter

Pine pellets or shavings would serve as excellent litter. However, if you’re on a tight budget, shredded newspaper could work just as well. Keep in mind that what works for felines wouldn’t necessarily work for these types of animals. Although pigs are always dirty is a common misconception, the fact that they’re likely to eat anything they can get their mouths on is not. Even clumped cat litter could end up being on the menu for teacup pigs, and when they eat it, it might cause them intestinal or stomach problems, which could also give your veterinarian a headache. So when you do decide to buy teacup pigs for sale in Iowa, keep this mind.

Selecting Litter Boxes for Mini Cup Pigs

Note that litter boxes for cats wouldn’t be appropriate for teacup pig use. Ideal boxes you can use can be empty, large drawers or plastic containers for clothing. You can have it lined, after which you can put inside a bigger cardboard box for ease of use as well as to give your pet pig some extra privacy. The set-up should be near the resting area of your pig, yet just far enough that they’d still be comfortable when they sleep. After all, you probably wouldn’t enjoy it if your toilet was just beside your bed, right? Your teacup pig would feel the same.

Teaching Litter Box Usage to Your Teacup Pig 

The moment you get your animal companions from teacup pigs for sale in Iowa, have him or her establish a bathroom territory right away. However, if your little companion has already started going to a bathroom elsewhere, transfer his or her droppings to a litter box. From there, it’s just a matter of guiding the pig to the box. Leaving a couple of droppings in the litter box will teach your pig that that particular spot is where the bathroom is. 

Note that at the beginning, you need not clean the box daily, as the left behind droppings become the pig’s indication that the litter box is his or her pooping territory. Be there to guide your pet pig for as long as possible, and he or she will eventually get the hang of it (note: in most cases, it takes less than a week to potty train your teacup pig).