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Teacup Pigs for Sale in Kansas and the Basics in Caring for Them

So you’re interested in getting in pet, and you’ve heard about how miniature pigs are such great companions. Well that’s true, as these tiny animals make for awesome pets indeed! Cuteness notwithstanding, mini cup pigs have their fair share of advantages as pets, but not many people know what these upsides are.

So, what do you think miniature pigs would be as pets? Here are some interesting facts about these adorable little piggies. 

oMini cup pigs are generally odor-free and clean, and they’re unlikely to ever have fleas unlike canines. And the popular saying that goes, “Sweaty as a pig”, isn’t exactly true, since pigs only perspire through their noses. 

oTheir projected lifespans are at 15-20 years, which is a bit longer than the average pet. This means you have more time to enjoy its companionship. And since they don’t require much maintenance (the amount of care they require daily is roughly the same as that of a dog), they won’t make too much of a dent on you budget in the time they spend with you.  

oHair-related allergies shouldn’t be a problem in your household if you have miniature pigs as pets. This is because the hairs they shed are very little. Unlike cats or dogs that have full coats of fur, these tiny pigs only have sparse hair on their bodies.

oAs was mentioned, they are fairly low-maintenance animals, so long as you look after them properly. So if you do decide to purchase teacup pigs for sale in Kansas, you’ll find that feeding them won’t cost you a fortune as long as you properly ration their food. Also, annual vet visits will suffice for teacup pigs. Of course, it’s mostly your discretion when your pet gets to go to the vet.  

oMini cup pigs are very easy to house train. In fact, they can even be taught to use litter boxes while indoors. In addition, you can even teach them to perform tricks just as what you could teach dogs with. And a big plus (at least for), is that they don’t bark. 

oIt is the instinct of teacup pigs to dig or root earth using their snouts. If you don’t want them digging up your prized garden, you can prepare some soft dirt for this hobby of theirs. This designated area where they’ll be digging will also serve as some sort of hobby that will keep them busy, especially if you’re busy yourself. 

oTeacup pigs are less destructive compared to new puppies, although they’re known for being indiscriminate eaters – they are likely to eat any food that their snouts can get access to. Moreover, they can easily be bought nowadays, as there are plenty of teacup pigs for sale in Kansas and across the rest of the United States. 

oIf you’re living in an apartment and you’re concerned that a pet may be too much for the place, then you don’t have to worry about that if it’s a teacup pig you opt for. This is mainly because of their small, manageable sizes. However, you have to make sure they are walked daily, and that they are given opportunities to graze during these daily walks. 

oThey are affectionate and friendly animals, making them great pet choices even when you have kids around. In fact, they’re considered to be more intelligent than canines, although I’m pretty sure a lot of dog owners will argue with this. However, in terms of I.Q., these animals are ranked fourth only to humans, whales/dolphins, and primates. Enjoy their intelligence by checking out teacup pigs for sale in Kansas today.