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Teacup Pigs For Sale In Wyoming

Teacup pigs are known by many names. Scientifically they are referred to as miniature pigs but pop cultural references include names like pocket pigs, micro pigs, nano pigs and mini pigs. Teacup pigs have become very popular as pets in recent times. While some may accord the rise in popularity owing to Paris Hilton owning a teacup pig, others may find it simply cute and intriguing to own a small pig that would become a cool friend for several years.
We bring to you teacup pigs for sale in Wyoming. We are based in Utah and are amongst the very few teacup pigs’ breeders and sellers in the country. Our teacup pigs are actually miniature pigs and not general pigs that have stunted growth or are fed restrictively to starve it and thus preventing it from growing into its natural size. 
While generally fully grown teacup pigs can weigh as much as 45 pounds to 200 pounds, our teacup pigs for sale in Wyoming would not grow beyond the desirable 50 pounds. You can easily buy your favorite teacup pigs for sale in Wyoming from us and we would take the entire responsibility of shipping your pet, all hale and hearty, to the closest airport of your choice. 
As you decide to buy one of the teacup pigs for sale in Wyoming, you should also explore a fair bit about ownership or teacup pigs and how you should be caring for them.
Before your teacup pigs arrive at your home, you should have a well demarcated area for housing. You can create a small house yourself or buy one from a store. Usually you do not need any lavish home for your teacup pigs. When it is too small and young, a medium to large size box with little bedding is the least that you can do. Along with its housing, you should demarcate the living area of teacup pigs. This will help it to have a comfort zone in your home right from the first day as it would be a little scared when it arrives. Offering a nice place where teacup pigs can be themselves is a welcoming sign at a home.
Caring for teacup pigs come naturally to most pet owners, adults or kids. They are too cute to resist the temptation of petting them and kids are likely to be in awe of its cuteness and size when they arrive. Teacup pigs are a league apart from large farm pigs when it comes to cleanliness. They may make a mess of things around in their demarcated living area but they are extremely clean themselves. They do not shed which is another area that most pet owners are anxious of, especially with dogs. 
During the first few days, your teacup pig would be a little scared of you and might not be too responsive to your caring or petting but it will change in a few days. In about a fortnight, teacup pigs blend in with a family completely. 
Teacup pigs can be trained in the same manner as dogs. Teacup pigs be given names and calling them by names right from the start would get them accustomed to their names very quickly. It is a pleasure to watch them respond when they are called for and this is the first training that you may wish to give to your teacup pig. 
It is essential that you establish the fact that you are the boss at home and not the teacup pig. They have a tendency to play the boss and then the pet and pet owner relationship might work the other way around. You need to show it love when needed and when you want and you should also give it a cold shoulder when it does something wrong. In the first few days, scolding or cold shoulders should be avoided a little because then the teacup pigs are trying to get accustomed with their new settings. 
To get your teacup pigs doing things that you want, you can train them instructively and they would learn quickly. Praise their good deeds and gently punish them for not doing the good things. Teacup pigs should have a demarcated bathroom area and you may want to start training it to use the specific space right from day one. 
Food & Health
Teacup pigs must be fed the food that has been recommended for it. Regular food or regular pig food should not be fed to them. Teacup pigs are not bred to be feeding on normal food and regular pig food contains growth hormones and other ingredients that will contribute to fatty growth in your teacup pigs, something that is undesirable and avoidable.
You should also check with veterinarians in your area if they cater to the health of teacup pigs. Some vets do not attend to teacup pigs and you should find someone in your area or one who you can refer to prior to buying from our teacup pigs for sale in Wyoming. 

Teacup Pig for sale in Wyoming