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Teacup Pigs for Sale Alaska

Teacup pigs are fast becoming popular pets among households in Alaska. The popularity of teacup pigs started when a lot of breeders came up with even smaller versions of a miniature pig designed to fit in a teacup. In the 1980’s pet potbellied pigs started appearing in apartments in New York and in the small farms in suburban areas. But this trend was short lived because several city ordinances prohibited raising farm animals within the city. Throughout the 1990’s to 2000’s, smaller versions of the potbellied pigs were made by breeders and were then christened as teacup pigs. They are known as teacup pigs because breeders discovered that they love to drink tea. 

Teacup pigs Alaska used as pets are smaller than the pigs that are raised in farms which can weigh up to more than a hundred pounds. At birth and when in their first few weeks, they can fit in the size of a teacup. When mature they stand 14 ½ inches tall. They reach their maximum height when they reach two to three years of age. These pets are perfect for apartments because of their small size they can hardly walk up and down flights of stairs or reach huge distances when walking around. These mini pigs are adorable. They are cute and can easily be trained. No wonder, more and more people are welcoming them into their households.  

Teacup pigs are not your usual household pets because of the notion that they are better of living in farms. Thankfully those notions are changed now, having teacup pigs are common nowadays. In cities where zoning ordinances allow teacup pigs, most households always have teacup pigs. In fact, owning teacup pigs Alaska has become a status symbol. 

Due to the fact that they are pricey which can reach about a thousand dollars and more for each, they are seen as the pets of the affluent families and the single professionals. These pets are especially delightful for the kids, as they can play along with them without the fear of being bitten or being too tired to run around the house all day. Kids love teacup pigs because they can easily be held up using one hand but are active enough to pace with them in any kind of game. 

Just like a typical pet, mini pigs need to have proper diet while growing up since they have this compulsion to eat. As a pet owner, keep them busy with activities such as play items that they can chase around within their own space. It is also a must to impose a schedule on feeding time with them. Be strict with this schedule and follow it thoroughly so the pigs will remember it and not eat all the time as it may cause problems such as being overweight. 

As the demand of teacup pigs grows, more and more breeders are encouraged to breed these varieties of teacup sized-pigs. In the early days of breeding teacup pigs some researchers produced varieties of these pigs that were actually larger than the ones we know today. Through years of research, they have perfected the breeding process. 

It is said that it took them nine years, four different breeds, and twenty four generations before they produced the perfect teacup pigs – small and easy to take care. Today’s teacup pigs Alaska are really small. They easily fit into small spaces in house like boxes or in cupboards under the stairs. There are a lot of breeders for Mini pigs Alaskabut how can you tell that they have the smallest teacup pigs in the world? So when planning to buy a teacup pig ensure that the teacup pig comes from a legitimate breeder. 

A legitimate breeder is someone who has already bred a lot of teacup pigs before. It is important to take a look at the sizes of the previous breeds because this is a clear indication of the size of the teacup pig that are you are to purchase. A breeder also knows a lot about teacup pigs – its diet, how to take good care of mini pigs Alaska, and how to maintain their health. 

Often before it is being delivered to the new owners, these teacup pigs remain first with their moms until weaning time. After the weaning time (around three weeks) they will have this notion of having additional parents. As early as three weeks these pigs are socialized and are trained to interact with humans everyday. At this time also, these teacup pigs Alaska are trained to eat on certain schedules and are toilet trained. 

Breeders also take charge of deworming them and exposing them to a diet that would make them healthy throughout the rest of their lives. After four weeks they are already sold to their new owners because by that time they are already socially adept in dealing with people. Some people would want to have their teacup pigs shipped. It is better for teacup pigs to be shipped when they are eight weeks old. Teacup delivery Alaska is available to anyone who wants to own a teacup pig. Before they can be delivered they must be dewormed first to ensure that they are healthy. Their needle teeth must also be clipped and most importantly a veterinarian must issue a health certificate after examining the pigs that are to be delivered to their new owners. 

The best way to deliver teacup pigs is by an airplane. This is practiced by teacup delivery Alaska. By using a plane, pigs are safety cushioned in their own individual boxes in a short time and kept to sleep till the plane arrives. A licensed veterinarian always accompanies them, whose task is to look after them when the plane arrives. Aside from that, the veterinarian also gives the instructions on how to take care of teacup pigs Alaska to its new owners. There are various websites in the Internet that offer these delivery services – bringing these teacup pigs right at your doorstep. Oftentimes they give promotions like free delivery charges so you have to watch out for it from time to time. 

Once you already have a teacup pig you can surely be attached to it because they are very charming and very affectionate. They are easy to live with. They can thrive in small spaces. They are by nature active within their given play pens. 

Most pet owners today dress up their teacup pigs in beautiful costumes – ribbons, super hero t-shirts, and cute blouses and bring them along in public spaces to interact with other people and other pets. Teacup pigs Alaska can never be a burden to you or your family you just have to welcome them with open arms to your households and treat them as family. 

Teacup Pig for sale in Alaska