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Teacup pigs have enjoyed a long standing popularity as pets by people from all walks of life. Some famous individuals such as celebrities have been known to own their very own teacup pigs. Stars such as Rupert Grint from the Harry Potter films, heiress Paris Hilton, and the posh Beckhams have one thing in common. All of them are proud owners of a teacup pig. With the ever increasing trend of having teacup pigs as pets, more and more people are getting interested to know about this cute and irresistible creature. 

Get the genuine breed of teacup pigs and avoid scammers

Authentic teacup pigs are cute little pets that grow up to 14 inches tall or the size of a dog once it is fully grown. When they are still piglets it is hard to differentiate them from potbellied pigs or mini pigs because they are all tiny. However, you will notice a big difference in size while growing up. Many people have been misled by people who claim that they are selling the authentic breed of teacup pigs. Oftentimes the buyers will make a purchase thinking their pigs will not grow too big to be kept at home only to find out that they were wrong and it is already too late. 

The number of scams involving teacup pigs is on the rise because these little piggies fetch a hefty price. Prices of teacup pigs usually range from $600 to a whopping $1,000 depending on the characteristics of the teacup pig such as the color of their eyes, their size and other physical attributes. If you are an avid fan of teacup pigs and would like to have one for a pet, you should be very careful. Get your pigs from trusted breeders, one that will deliver to you a piggy worth the price you pay for it. In a way buying a teacup pig is a form of investment and the same way with all other investments you should be careful about it making sure that your money is not wasted. 

Look no further. Here at, we sell genuine mini pigs which do not grow bigger than expected. We value our teacup pigs as well as our customers. We are not just focused on earning big dollars from our pigs but we are genuinely concerned about breeding mini pigs and would want to share this happiness with others by giving them the chance and opportunity to become proud owners of real micro mini pigs. 

We know that not all people are capable of breeding their own teacup pigs although many of them would want to own one or two. They may lack the resources, skills and knowledge required in breeding so they are left with the option of purchasing one. We provide help to these people by selling them genuine teacup pigs which they can take care of without the need to breed their own. Equally important for us are our customers and the protection of our name. Rest assured, we only sell genuine breed of teacup pigs to ensure consumer satisfaction and to protect the integrity of our name as breeders.

To help ease your mind about our sincerity, you can contact us anytime for any concerns and queries regarding our teacup pigs. Our personnel would be happy to answer them for you. Information regarding the genuineness of the breed is also available like their family tree, photos of their parents and other proofs and certifications you may need. 

We could also provide assistance in getting you started as a new owner of our miniature pigs such as information on how to take care of them, what to do when they are sick and other similar situations. This way you are equipped to become a responsible owner of your very own mini pig. Our services do not end upon making your purchase. We provide aid and support even after our transaction. That is how much we care. 

Shipping teacup pigs

Even if you are not currently residing in the same State that we are, do not fret because we also take care of the shipping matters when needed. We are already shipping teacup pigs to Arizona and have made a number of successful transactions with people living there. We are also proud to say that all of our customers from Arizona received their cutie pie pets safely and in the best of health.

You may be worried now about the cost and implications of shipping these teacup pigs given their tiny size and their seeming delicate health. You need not worry because our main priority is keeping your little darlings robust and healthy. We make sure they are fed with the most nutritious food, given tender, loving care and have undergone physical exams to make sure that they are fit for travelling. 

We do not only take care of them before they are shipped to you but most importantly we make sure that they reach you safely by placing them in a suitable cage or container that would ensure comfort and safety, endorsing them to a responsible person or a veterinarian who would keep an eye on your future pet to make sure that they are doing OK while travelling. Upon arrival we can also deliver your pet right to your doorstep to avoid hassle on your part or if you prefer to pick it up yourself at the airport we would also make sure that your pet will be waiting for you.

You would also be pleased to know that we will take care of all the shipping details for free. You do not need to worry about the paper works and permits to be secured to send your teacup pigs to Arizona as we will do it for you. We have had many experiences regarding teacup pig delivery to Arizona so you can be assured that we know all the ropes about shipping them. We will be responsible for all the leg work. This means you do not have a single thing to worry and you can just wait for the arrival of your little bundle of joy to be delivered into your arms. 

You can be a proud owner of your very own teacup pig in a matter of days and you do not need to exert much effort in realizing this dream. Think of us as your partners in this new journey with your new micro mini pig. All it would take is a call from you. Contact us now and start making inquiries, we would be more than happy to address them and assist you in making this decision. 

Teacup Pigs For Sale in Arizona