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How to be a Teacup Pig Owner

Once you have chosen to have a teacup piglet as a pet, you may have trouble finding teacup pigs for sale in Colorado, but if you buy from us, we can ship them to an airport near you and you can pick up your new pet from there.

Buying Tips

There are a lot of breeders out there who will try to scam you when it comes to buying your teacup pig. Maybe they only have a certain breed of pigs and they just want your money. People are unscrupulous and sometimes untrustworthy. Here are a few tips to making sure you don’t get scammed:

1.Ask to see the Parents of the piglet. If they don’t allow it then they probably have something to hide. Trustworthy breeders will always let you see the parents, just like with dog breeders.
2.Teacup Piglets are expensive. I would be suspicious if the breeder said the piglet was under $1000. The price of your piglet encompasses the looking after of the parents, so anything under a grand would mean the breeder may not be making a profit and I would question this.
3.If there is a guarantee, from the breeder, that the piglet will only grow to a certain height or weight then I would question the breeder. There are no guarantees when it comes to the size of animals. If you have ever had a dwarf rabbit grow to twice the size of the promised size, then you will understand. If the seller is lying about one thing, then imagine what else they could be lying about.

Little Genius

Your new pig is very intelligent. He can be trained just like a dog, but your pig will catch onto things much, much quicker. This is because there are only a few animals that are smarter than a pig, and that’s us included. You will be shocked with how clever your pig is. I am not saying you are going to come home one day and find your pig reading the newspaper, but he will learn to open doors and he will know which cupboard his favorite treat is in

Teacup Pigs Are TV Addicts Just Like Us

You will notice that your new teacup pig is quite the tv addict. He will have his favorite shows and will know when those shows are due on. If you turn the tv off when they are watching, prepare for yourself for a pint size tamper tantrum. Your pig may also have the same music tastes that you do as well. Your pig will develop a personality just like a pet dog would do, or even a new baby. If you are going out for the day, leave the tv on or leave the music playing and you will probably come home to a very happy pig who is loathe to give up the tv remote.

Water is their friend!

Pigs need a lot of water. They need it to drink and they need their very own swimming pool. You don’t have to dig your garden up, you can use a blow up pool to give them some water to play in. Some people don’t know this but, pigs don’t sweat so they need a pool to cool themselves down on hot days. Plus, you can have a lot of fun splashing around with your pig. Make sure the pool isn’t too deep for the pig. They can swim but they will drown if the water is too deep.

Indoor or Outdoor?

This is your choice really. Pigs can sleep indoors or outdoors. If it was my choice, I would choose indoors because it will save you money on having to buy a kennel and bedding. You can’t just leave a pig outdoors with no way of staying warm. If you keep them inside, you can give them their own space with a little bed and you can give them blankets to keep warm.

Potty Trained

Piglets can be potty trained to either go outside or using a litter box. It might be hard to find a pig litter box, so you can buy a dog litter box from the pet shop. You can line the bottom with newspaper, but don’t use a cats litter tray because pigs don’t like steps, they will trip over the little lips on cat litter trays

Love Your Pig

Your pig is more than just a pet. You need to shower him with love and treat him like you would like to be treated. Treat him like a member of your own family. Invest your time in training him and showering him with treats and you will have a best friend for life.

Having a teacup pig is a lifetime commitment. They are cute when they are babies and then they grow and get less cute. If you are familiar with the saying “a dog is for life, not just for christmas’ then you probably know what I am going to say. You must not buy a teacup piglet and then get fed up when it is grown a little and is now less cute. Make a commitment to loving your pig for the rest of its life or let it go to a home with people who can give it the love it deserves.

Before picking your piglet, do your research and learn what is required to look after the pig as a pet. Make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. Teacup piglets are amazing pets and can be a valuable addition to your family.

Make sure your family members know what is required of them when looking after your new pet. Make sure they are happy to help and the children know that the pig isn’t a toy, the pig is a new member of the family. 

Your pig should be ok with other animals, they are farm animals after all. If you have a dog who doesn’t like other animals or children, then it is probably safe to say that the dog will not like the pig either. Just be careful and make sure all your animals are safe.