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How to Get a Teacup Pig in Wisconsin

Pigs are no longer just for the barn yard. People have begun to see that pigs are intelligent and affectionate, which make great pets. A full sized pig might be too big for your home or apartment, but a teacup pig might just be the right pet for you and your family. 

Teacup pigs are also great for people that have allergies to the more traditional pet. For people that are allergic to animal fur or for people that do not want to clean up the animal fur you will be happy to know that the teacup pig is hypo-allergenic and does not shed. They are also intelligent enough to train them to go outside to use the bathroom or to litter box train them. 

When people hear the word pig or piglet they normally think of having to feed it a lot, but it is very important to remember that you should not overfeed the little piglet. They do not need a lot of food and need to be fed the right food to keep them happy and healthy. This means that they will need a complete balanced diet to ensure a healthy life and to try and extend the lifespan of your pet. Piglets are fed oatmeal, their mini junior food, and a type of replacement milk. This will encourage good growth and development. 

Teacup pigs are very affectionate animals that need a lot of love and attention, which is why it is very important to bond with them when they are young. Holding your piglet and bottle feeding it will really helps in the bonding process. They also really enjoy getting treats by hand as well. Once you have properly bonded with your pig you will be pleased with the results. You will have a friend for life. The bonding processes will only take a few days, which is quicker than bonding with dogs or cats. 

If you purchase a teacup pig as a piglet you will be thrilled to know that they are normally litter box trained before they are even brought to you. This will be a great help if you live in an apartment or in a larger city and have little to no yard at all. You will be able to keep them litter box trained or you can train them to use the outdoors. If you are choosing to keep them liter box trained than you will need to be sure to not move the litter box. They will go to the place that the litter box was in looking for it and might become confused when they are unable to find it. 

These teacup pigs are relatively small animals and will only grow to be about the size of teacup dog breeds. They will not get to be 70 or 80 pounds like some of the pigs you can order and keep as pets. It is for this reason that you can keep teacup pigs as pets in your home or even apartment. 

If you are choosing to purchase a male teacup pig then you will need to get it neutered if your intentions are not to breed it. This will help with temperament and behavior. It is also strongly advised to get your female pig spayed if you do not intend to breed it. This will help keep your pig happy and healthy. 
Looking for a breeder that will ship the teacup pigs to your door are difficult to find. Most teacup breeders are willing to ship your piglet, but to an airport near you. This will help keep your pig safe and ensure someone will look after them until you are able to pick them up. 

There are several companies that will raise the piglets until they are able to leave their mother and are in good shape to be shipped. Most companies take pride in breeding and raising teacup pigs and will ship your piglet to an airport close to you safe and sound, which means you will not have worry about your piglet as it is being shipped. 

When you are looking for the right breeder you will need to ensure that they treat their animals with respect and are humane with them. If a breeder is abusive or negligent you might get a piglet that is unable to bond with you and might be sick. To prevent these problems you will need to complete research before you order your teacup pig. You will also want to ensure other consumers have been happy with their pigs and have stated that their pigs were happy and healthy when they were shipped to you. Choosing to purchase and care for a teacup pig takes work. If you purchase one as a pet you will need to be able to care for it properly.