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Common Misconceptions About Teacup Pigs

Miniature pigs, or what many also call Teacup pigs and Micro pigs, are the small-sized pig pets that are recently gaining popularity in the market. The craze of finding teacup pigs for sale in Nevada started when the media ran stories about how Rupert Grint and Paris Hilton adopted similar pets. However, as with everything old and new, these animals are surrounded with various myths and misconceptions. Here are a few of the most common ones.

Misconception # 1: Teacup pigs do not grow to be larger than teacup-size.

Out of all the misconceptions, this one is the most common. Newly born micro pigs are reported to weigh a little heavier than ½ pound and indeed, they appear really miniature. However, these pigs grow and fully weigh around 65 pounds at most. They also grow to be as tall as 12-16 inches. Although such is the case, they are still far smaller as compared to the average potbelly pigs and are half the size of Spaniels.

Misconception # 2: Micro pigs always end up in pain or death as their skeleton stops developing while their organs continue growing. 

Physically, this isn’t just possible. As stated previously, adult miniature pigs grow to become half the size of Spaniels. Both their skeleton and organs stop growing the moment they finally reach adulthood. This often happens after they reach 1 year of age. At that point, they will simply fill-out.

Misconception # 3: These animals are non-existent and people who are said to breed and sell them all are scammers.

This misconception is often based on the real size of the pigs after they have become full grown. Truthfully, these animals do not remain miniature in size throughout their life but they are still far smaller than other domestic breeds. The breed “micro pig” certainly exists.

It is important that buyers avoid dealing with breeders who aren’t honest enough to claim that their miniature pigs will remain teacup-sized forever. Such claims are pure scams.

Misconception # 4: Miniature pigs are mutated animals.

This is not true at all. Micro pigs are results of selective breeding. Breeders always ensure to make careful selections, mixing Gloucester Old Spots, Kune Kune, and Tamworth potbellied pigs.

Misconception # 5: Pigs are dumb and dirty animals.

In truth, pigs are very intelligent and clean animals. Their intelligence is even comparable to dogs. Pigs are very easy to train, be it with using litter boxes or doing tricks and various other things. They are social and very inquisitive as well. They need daily interaction so they can remain happy and healthy pets.

Misconception # 6: Mini pigs don’t need attention and exercise.

Just as with other pets, be it hamsters or cats, having micro pigs in your home come with responsibilities. They need to be interacted with and cared for daily. These animals are very prone to obesity so it is essential that they are brought out for exercise and for burning of surplus energy. Although they will be less energetic than dogs, allowing them to walk or run around will make them feel happier.

It is recommended that owners designate an area where their pets can dig through soil or roll around. Socialization is fairly essential as well, especially when pigs are still young. Depriving these pets of attention can lead them to become aggressive over time. 

Tips for Interested Owners:

Before looking out for teacup pigs for sale in Nevada, it is important that owners first make sure they are suitable to care for these animals. There have been rampant cases of fully grown pigs left in the streets or dumped in sanctuaries by people who eventually decide to shrug off the responsibility. Pigs are also very loving animals. They deserve to be loved back and cared for.