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Making Comfortable Clothes for Your Cute Teacup Pigs

Just because animals do not usually or have to wear garments, does not necessarily follow that you cannot make clothes for them. In today’s new sense of fashion, more and more people are becoming more interested in clothing their pets.

 You can always see owners walking around the park with their pets dressed in a basketball jersey, jackets, and all kinds of stuff. You see, domesticated animals are not just creatures. Once they set foot in your house, immediately they become part of the family. Hence, you treat them just like humans because they are part of your household. And, more than that, you can dress them just like any other person. 

Choose among the cutest teacup pigs for sale in New Jersey so you can start making your clothing design. 
Here are some useful processes to follow:

1.Feed your mini pig based on the diet instructions provided by the breeder. This is to make sure that your pet will not grow fast and stays at a desirable size. Usually, breeders would instruct to give a minimum amount of feeds twice a day. 

2.Get a soft measuring tape and record the teacup pig’s circumference. Record at least three areas starting from the smallest size to the largest measurement. Indicate the areas with their corresponding measurement. 

3.Write down the length from the neck towards the back depending on how long is the clothing you wish to make. You can extend the measurement up to the tail depending you’re your design. 

4.Get the circumference of the neck and the legs for areas where you need to make holes. However, make sure give allowance near the underbelly to give space for the genitals when you teacup pig decides to relieve. 

5.Decide proper texture and thickness of the cloth depending on the temperature of where you live. If its summer season, you might want to use light and cool fabrics. However, if its winter, choose thick garments appropriate for the weather condition. Teacup pigs for sale in New Jersey may suffer in various illnesses if you suddenly expose them in changing weather conditions. Use the clothing only when necessary like walking outside the house or traveling. Also, choose materials that allow movement to avoid discomfort. 

6.Use a pen to trace lines and shapes on the garment following the measurement you have just made. 

7.Start cutting once tracing is done. Slowly cut following the lines and make sure you do not exceed from the line. Although pigs do not really give importance as to what you are doing, wrong cutting may produce uncomfortable size and fit. Hence, make sure to cut the lines exactly the way they are marked. 

8.Try it on your mini pig pet if the clothing fits perfectly. Do not proceed until you are sure that it perfectly fits. Otherwise, your pig pet might not like it. 

9.Sew the sides of the fabric. You can create patterns and other designs depending on your artistry and visualization. However, make sure that the design will not give discomfort nor thickens the clothing. 

10.Try it on again on your teacup pig to make sure your pet is comfortable wearing it. Otherwise, you are going to make adjustments until the pig likes it. There is no point in making a dress if your pet does not want to have it. 

Cloth your pets only when necessary like attending parties, jogging, traveling, and other occasions. However, if they are just inside your house, you do not have to force them wear clothes.