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The Growing Trend of Owning Teacup Pigs

With the recent media coverage on owning a teacup pig – Rupert Grint and Paris Hilton adopting their very own cute piglet babies – a growing number of people have become much interested in getting their hands on one as well. The initial notion of pigs being dirty and dumb animals has long been buried in time, thanks to aforementioned personalities. If you are planning to own one as well, then it will be essential that you know of these facts before heading out, looking for teacup pigs for sale in Oklahoma.


It is highly likely that your interest got perked up upon hearing the term “teacup”. However, don’t let this fool you. Indeed, micro pigs do not grow to the full size of typical adult pigs. They can’t be 800 pounds in weight but they don’t remain teacup sized either. In terms of canine comparison, teacup pigs are sized similar to a medium dog. Teacup pigs grow standing between 12-16 inches, weighing 15-40 pounds. 

The term “teacup” is used simply for marketing purposes. Marketers also use similar terms as pocket, mini or micro pigs, meaning they are relatively small in terms of porcine standards. These animals are undeniably adorable. They are great pets since they can be easy to bring around. Depending on what type of pig you get, it may take from 1 to 2 years until it reaches its full size. That’s only a third or fifth of their entire lifespan though.


Believe it or not, pigs are very social animals. They require attention and interaction. It is important to take them to walks every once in a while. Depriving them of these may turn them into aggressive pets. It is also important that they are left at a designated place where they can dig through soil or play. They might not be as expressive as dogs but allowing them to go out and play will make them happier.


Pigs enjoy eating vegetables and fruits. However, these should be limited. Because they have slower metabolic rates, a mildly strict diet must be implemented. Veterinary clinics or special pet shops often provide special feeds fit for feeding these adorable animals.


Teacup pigs are intelligent and highly trainable pets as well. You will not need to exert too much effort trying to get one to use his litter box. It is important to remember not to use elevated litter boxes though since they are small and may have a hard time trying to get on.


If you really are determined bringing a teacup piglet in your home, do more research. You need a breeder who will allow you to get a glance of the parents. This way, you will have an idea on the potential size you pet will have when it becomes mature. Make sure to ask about the age of the parents as well. Some sows are bred to make litters while young, before they get to reach their full growth. Mothers older than 3 years are ideal since they won’t grow bigger anymore.
Other Considerations

There are other issues you need to consider before looking for teacup pigs for sale in Oklahoma. Take note of the zoning regulations in your home or neighborhood. If keeping pets is not permitted, then it would be better not to push your luck or else, you will be forced to surrender your pig in a sanctuary or pet home.

Remember that pigs root as well. You will need an area that is properly fenced and not just a place you use for double-duty such as a children’s playground or garden.