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How to Properly Litter Box Train Your Teacup Pig

Before you head out and find teacup pigs for sale in Oregon, it is important that you first know about the important details concerning these adorable-looking animals. There are many factors that you need to consider before deciding on owning one. You need to take note of the zoning regulations in your neighborhood, your time availability and of course, your capacity to care for and train these social animals. 

Fortunately, pigs are naturally intelligent as pets. Training them will not be that difficult. Contrary to what many believe, pigs are clean animals. Just like cats, mini pigs designate a special area where they do their business, whether urinating or taking a dump. They typically do not vary their routine. Once you assign a place that they can use as their bathroom, they will automatically return to the spot without fail. With little effort, your micro pig will immediately learn to use his litter box just like a pro.

Choosing the Ideal Litter Box

Cat litter boxes are appropriate for teacup pigs. The best choices are those that come as big empty drawers or plastic containers. You may purchase a lining and get it to stick inside a cardboard box to make usage easier and more private. Make sure that you don’t get boxes that come too elevated as well. Remember your pig is small in size. Don’t give it a hard time trying to get over the ledge.

Litter boxes must be positioned near the resting areas of the animals but not too near that they will feel uncomfortable sleeping. Nobody likes sleeping next to their toilet so never think your pig will enjoy it.

Choosing the Litter

Pine pellets or shavings will be great litters for pig boxes. If you are running on low budget, however, go for shredded newspaper. Know that not everything that works for cats will work for pigs. Although it is false that pigs are latently dirty animals, the idea that they will chump down everything they see is not.

Clumping litter may be tempting for these animals. Avoid having your pet suffer intestinal or stomach problem and save your veterinarian from migraine by keeping litter boxes always in check for clumps.

Guiding Your Pig Through the Use of Litter Boxes

In case your pig has already started going to another spot for his business, move the droppings into the litter box then guide him through it. Similarly, do not take all of the mess out of the box daily. Leave at least one to two droppings behind. This will teach the pig that, that area is where his bathroom is.

The more frequent you guide your pet to his box, the much better. Try to move him towards the box every 2-3 hours. Doing so will remind him of the bathroom’s location. The scent may also even stimulate his need for its use. The more he uses the litter box, the more he will be returning to make use of it again sometime.

Following these tips will make it easier for your micro pig to get used to his new litter place. Expect that younger pigs will have accidents every now and then though. Older pigs might also require more time for training. However, any pig will eventually be able to learn the skill of using the box each time he needs his bathroom.