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Important Questions to Ask When Getting a Teacup Pig as a Pet 

Like many people, you might already have heard or read about teacup pigs. This isn’t really surprising since these types of pigs have made big waves, especially when they were endorsed by popular celebrities. Examples include socialite and hotel heiress Paris Hilton, who had a black-and-white teacup pig named Princess Pigelette, and former Spice Girl and now fashion designer Victoria Beckham, who bought a couple of cute micro pigs.

However, before going out and buying one, you must first take the time to learn more about mini pigs and discover why they can be the perfect pets for you. To help you get started, here are some of the details that you should know:

What exactly is a teacup pig?

Teacup pigs are specially bred from small/dwarf potbellied pigs. Because of their special breeding, they stay relatively small even when they reach adulthood. Teacup pigs are also called mini pigs, miniature pigs, and micro pigs

How big do mini pigs get?

The standard weight for teacup pigs is around 100 lbs, but some breeders can ethically raise pigs that grow only up to 40 lbs. However, remember that you can’t really predict the exact weight of your pig, so it’s important to look at his parents and even his grandparents to get an idea of his future size. 

How can you properly care for a mini pig and keep him in great shape?

Don’t worry since keeping a micro pig healthy and happy is relatively easy! One thing that you should do is to provide him with pig food (which you can buy from a pet store) as well as fresh vegetables. In general, you should feed him only 2-2.5% of his body weight so that he won’t get overweight and develop health problems. But, of course, you should still closely observe your pet; if he gets too skinny, then increase his food intake by all means.

Another thing that you must do is to take your miniature pig out for a walk every day. This way, he can get enough exercise and stay in excellent physical and mental condition. Since pigs are social animals by nature, you must also spend enough time to play with your mini pig and give him the attention that he needs.

Should you buy a newborn micro pig?

This isn’t really advisable since newborn pigs need to stay with their mother for quite some time. This way, they can breastfeed and get the nutrients that they require to develop their bodies. Newborn pigs also need enough time to be trained not to bite and to properly use the litter box.

Because of this, reputable breeders say that it’s better to get micro pigs that are a little bit older. This way, you’ll be sure that they’ve received all the training that they need and that they have developed their health. Don’t worry since an older piglet can still easily bond with you and your family and adapt into your home.

Are you looking for teacup pigs for sale in Pennsylvania?

If you are, you might think that getting a teacup pig will be difficult. However, nothing is further from the truth since you can easily find a micro pig online! The only thing that you should do is to contact a reputable breeder that specializes in miniature pigs. With its help, you can browse through a range of mini pigs that are ready for adoption and choose one that catches your eye. Once you’ve made your choice, the breeder will then ship your new pet to you along with a piggy starter pack.
A micro pig is one of the best pets that you can own. So, if you’re ready to look for teacup pigs for sale in Pennsylvania, then get in touch with a reputable breeder that offers cute and healthy piglets.