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Teacup pigs for sale in West Virginia

Teacup piglets are extremely popular pets partly due to their size, but also because they’re intelligent and affectionate. With so many great traits in such a small package, it’s no wonder lots of people want to bring such fun creatures into their homes as pets. Because they’re so much more than just tiny and cute (of course, they are tiny and cute, too!) these mini pigs make excellent family pets for anyone looking for a loving and unusual pet. 

We are located in Utah, where our breeding boars and sows get plenty of space and affection, and where our tiny teacup babies are born. Our adult pigs are small and full of personality and pass those great characteristics onto their little ones. We’re happy to ship our teacup piglets to West Virginia or anywhere in the US. We’ll pack them into an animal carrier and send them on a flight to an airport closest to you where you can go pick up your new little family member. 

Getting the new baby piglet adjusted to you and your home takes a little work at first, but these smart creatures will get the hang of it quickly. Your piglet will come to you with the beginning of litter box training and will adjust to using the box in your home in a matter of days; just be sure to keep the litter fresh and the box in the same place so the pig can find it quickly in case of a potty emergency. 

Piglets love to be bottle fed when they’re still young, so giving your new pig a treat of warm formula or milk can help you bond. They also love soft things and many are quite snuggly, so try wrapping the new little one in a soft towel or blanket to keep him cozy. You can also give them treats like fruits or vegetables but NEVER feed them sweets or chocolate – these are toxic to them!

Because of their small size and low bodyweight, mini pigs don’t require a lot of food. You have to be careful not to underfeed or overfeed them; an overweight pig is just as unhealthy as an underweight pig. Buy food specifically designed for mini pigs as full-size pig feed isn’t formulated for their bodies’ needs. Most teacup pigs will need about ¼ of feed in the morning and at night. Be sure to always provide plenty of fresh, clean water for them since they need to drink quite a bit. 

Pigs need protein and roughage to stay healthy throughout their lives. Don’t feed them wheat products, since they’re not designed to digest it very well and it can upset their stomachs. Treats like carrots, corn, or cooked eggs can be great for both happiness and nutrition. Remember that piggies are good at begging and that it can be hard to resist those little faces. But don’t give in! Table scraps aren’t good for piglets and should be kept to a minimum. 

Since they’re very social creatures, teacup pigs are happiest around your family or other pets. If one or more family members will be home for much of the day, that can keep a piglet happy and out of trouble. But if your pig will be spending a lot of time alone, she could get listless or depressed. Teacups make great companions to other pets so having a dog around, too, is good for everyone. Give your piggy plenty of space to roam and explore and play whenever the weather is mild.

Not entirely unlike dogs, young piglets need to be kept a little warmer than when they grow up and become hardy adults. Pigs also only sweat through the front of their noses, kind of like how dogs pant, so they can get overheated when it’s extremely hot out. If your pig is outdoors in the summer, be sure he has plenty of water, access to shade, and somewhere cool or wet to lie in. A mud pit is a messy option, but so is a shady patch of concrete that can be kept wet. 

As with other pets, it’s important to spay or neuter your pig when he or she is of the right age. Your pig should also be de-wormed, especially if they go outdoors a bit, at least twice a year. Be sure to find a vet who specializes in exotics or small farm animals to give your teacup an annual checkup to ensure good health throughout life. 

Just like puppies, teacup pigs get bigger. Most probably won’t weigh more than 40 compact pounds as adults, but there’s a lot of behind the scenes genetics at work determining their final size. What’s important is keeping your teacup pig happy and healthy for his entire life with you and your family