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Why You Should Get Miniature Pigs as Pets

Mini cup pigs are also referred to as teacup pigs. These names are in reference to their really small size. Many people consider buying teacup pigs for sale in Hawaii because there are numerous advantages to raising them and they make really good pets. Don’t let the idea of them being pigs put you off. You’ll soon discover how they are more manageable as compared to full grown potbellied pigs.


At times, micro pigs are selectively bred from Gloucester Old Spot and potbellied pigs. Breeders often select the smallest ones from litters in order to create a generation of piglets that are smaller versions of their breeds. 


As what their names suggest, miniature pigs are really small. Their size brings several advantages to pet owners. Not only are they easier to carry and bring along, they also are easier to walk with on leash. Most grow up to 16 inches, weighing about 40 pounds whey they reach adulthood. This makes them a bit smaller but heavier than typical house cats. Fully grown pigs raised on farms grow five to ten times more. 


Contrary to the reputation they are known for, these types of pigs are clean animals. Unlike other pets, they don’t get fleas primarily because they do not have any hair. Since they are hairless, they don’t leave piles and piles of fur on furniture pieces as well. Homeowners consider purchasing teacup pigs for sale in Hawaii because they cannot aggravate allergies. In addition, they are very easy to train.

Positive reinforcement would be best employed when training these animals. They also do better with dog litter boxes rather than cat litter boxes. The latter requires stepping over raised edges and mini cup pigs simply don’t have the physique for this to be possible.


Mini cup pigs are loving animals. They are particularly smart, claimed to even be smarter than average dogs. They also feel so much affection and tend to be very loyal to their owners. Although young ones typically cry when picked up, this can eventually be overcome, making them quiet pets when fully grown. They don’t have particular behavioral issues and this makes them ideal for walking on leash.


Miniature pigs have unusually longer lifespan as compared to popular cats. Healthy ones are expected to live up to about 15 to 20 years. Such duration is actually already toward the far end of cats’ expected lifespan, said to be at a maximum of 15 years. Comparatively speaking, Labradors can live 12 or 14 years average. However, there are still many factors that affect the length of time pigs can live up to. One is nutritional manipulation by breeders. Another is various environmental issues. Pigs do not sweat so they may not do very well being in areas that are extremely hot.

Buying Teacup Pigs

As a prospective owner, make sure that you will only be buying teacup pigs for sale in Hawaii from reliable and responsible breeders. Occasions involving micro pigs suddenly becoming full-sized after several months have become rather rampant, so it is important to exercise care with who to transact with. 

Reputable breeders keep baby pigs just until they are weaned. This lasts for about 2 months. They also deworm and vaccinate the animals before holding them up for sale. Make sure that you request for documentation, proving that the animals have indeed received the necessary treatments. Buying micro pigs from breeders guaranteed to be responsible and reliable can be a great investment. It helps ensure that your prospective pet will be living a healthy and enjoyable long life. 

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