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​Teacup pigs for sale in Florida

Your teacup piglet can be shipped to an airport near you!!

Your little piggy can arrive to you through air and be in your arms as soon as tomorrow! Shipping is free and safe. Teacup piglets can be reserved by a $250 dollar non-refundable deposit. Each teacup pig comes with a guarantee that the piglet is healthy.

Lay Away for Teacup Pigs is available at ! It is a payment plan which is meant to make it easy to afford teacup piglets. Here is how our Lay Away works: 

First, you make your selection of the special little piglet you would like to take home with you. Then a minimum first down payment of $500 is needed. After that, just a few $500 a month payments to complete the purchase. Once the payment is completed, we will then fly your new four legged friend to a nearby airport.  

In the meantime, as you are making your payments for the piglet, we will start working on litter box training your teacup pig as well as getting it used to people petting and holding it.

Your teacup pig’s first day with you will be the hardest day. The piglet will likely cry or whine and be afraid of you. This is typical behaviour as the teacup piglet doesn't understand what is going on. It is separated from its siblings and mother for the very first time. Generally on the second day, the micro mini pig will begin to warm up to you and become friendlier.

The baby piglet will just need some love and given some time so that it can start feeling safe around you. However these first few days will be very important in establishing the relationship between the teacup piglet and yourself. You can start off with bottle feeding to begin bonding and encourage the baby pig to trust you.

The teacup pig will be old enough to start training for walking on a leash and wearing a harness when it is six weeks old. At first it will probably be scared, throwing a tantrum about it. This is a pretty typical reaction as the pig doesn’t understand what this strange object is or what this new thing is all about. With some patience, you can get the piglet to gain confidence with its new exercise ensemble. Never punish the pig when it is scared. Instead, encourage it to face its fears so that it can overcome them.

The first few trips out on a walk with the micro mini piglet will most likely gain some attention from many people around you. Everyone will want to come to you to pet the pig. This is a great opportunity to teach your piglet appropriate social skills. Be careful, though. Some mini pigs will be startled by a swarm of strangers trying to reach out and touch it. Show the piglet that you are there and encourage it to greet people to help it overcome its fear. You may even want to have these strangers be the ones to offer the piglet some training treats; this helps create a positive experience for the piglet.

Watch out for children who come to see the teacup pig as they need to be taught how to interact with a teacup pig the right way. A child hitting a piglet or petting too roughly can scare the piglet, or even hurt it. This will result in it becoming more difficult for the piglet learn toto trust people. Also make sure that no one puts their hand or other body parts near the mini pig’s mouth to avoid anyone getting bitten by a scared critter.

It’s recommended to wait at least a week after you have acquired the new little piggy before you start taking it around strangers. Arriving in a strange new place and having all sorts of new things and strangers swarming around it with constant noise and attention is extremely terrifying for a new baby pig. During this first week, you should be trying to get the teacup pig comfortable with you. Once it acquires trust in you, it will be incredibly easier on the mini pig when it is time to get it used to being around new situations and people.

We advise strongly to not give in to the temptation of giving the new baby piggy a lot of treats. It is very important for micro mini pigs to keep a strict diet to maintain a healthy weight. The food we recommend to feed your teacup pig is Mazuri brand Mini Pig food. There are directions on the bag which will tell you precisely how much to feed the micro mini piggy. This brand of food is formulated specifically for teacup pigs, which have a much different dietary need than pot bellied pigs. Regular pig food tends to be filled with growth hormones which are meant to fatten a pig on purpose for slaughter. Do NOT give regular pig food to your teacup pig.

Before adopting, we really advise that you visit animal shelters in your area to make sure they don't already have some teacup pigs in their facility. Every pig deserves a good home! Shelters are often overcrowded with abandoned animals that are in need of a family who loves them. Please save a life from being put down if you can.

If at any time you have questions about micro mini pigs, feel free to ask us any time. We are here to help you through the process of acquiring and caring for a teacup piglet. We want to ensure that both the piggy and you are happy!​

Teacup Pig for sale in Florida