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Click here for our available teacup pigs is located in Utah and we can ship to Delaware! Pigs really do fly!

Your little piggy can arrive to you through air and be in your arms as soon as tomorrow! Shipping is free and safe. Teacup piglets can be reserved by a $250 dollar non-refundable deposit. Each teacup pig comes with a guarantee that the piglet is healthy.

We have Lay Away for Teacup Pigs available! This option is a payment plan designed to make it easy to afford teacup piglets. This is how it works: 

First, you choose the piglet you would like to take home. Then a first down payment is needed. The minimum first payment is $500 dollars and then just $500 a month after that until your new little piglet is paid off. Once the payment is completed in full, we will ship your new four legged companion to an airport near you.  

In the meantime while you are making your payments, we will begin litter box training your teacup pig as well as getting it acclimated to people with a lot of holding and petting.

The first day with your teacup piglet will most likely be the hardest day. The piglet may cry and whine and act scared of you. This is normal as the teacup piglet doesn't understand what is happening and is being separated from its mother and siblings for the first time. Usually by the second day, the little mini pig will start warming up to you and becoming friendlier.

You just need to give the little baby piglet some time and love so that it can feel safe around you. These first few days will be very important to establish the relationship between yourself and the micro mini piglet. Bottle feeding will be a great way to start off the bonding process and to encourage the baby pig to trust you.

At the age of six weeks, the teacup pig is old enough to begin training for walking on a leash and harness. At first it may be scared, throwing a tantrum and having a fuss over it. This is normal as the pig doesn’t know what this strange object is or what it is about. Work with the piglet to get it gain confidence with its new exercise outfit. Never punish the pig when it is scared. Instead, encourage it.

The first few trips to a park or out on a walk with the micro mini piglet will definitely gain some attention from a lot of people around you. No doubt everyone will come towards you and want to pet the pig. This is a great opportunity to utilize for teaching your piglet good social skills so that as it grows, it can be people friendly. But be careful. Some mini pigs may be frightened by a swarm of strangers trying to touch it. Show the piglet that you are there for it and encourage it to greet people to help it overcome its fear. 

Be wary of children who come to see the little piglet as they often need to be taught how to properly interact with a micro mini pig. A child hitting a piglet or petting too roughly can scare the piglet and make it more difficult for it to trust people. Also ensure that no one puts their hand near the piggy’s mouth as it may bite out of fear.

It’s a good idea to wait at least a week after your new little piggy’s arrival before you begin taking it out to meet strangers. Arriving in a strange new place and having all sorts of new things and strangers buzzing around it is extremely frightening for a little baby pig. During this first week, you can work on getting it comfortable with you. Once it is comfortable with you and trusts you, it will be so much easier on the pig when it comes to getting it used to being around people and new situations.

Though it is tempting to give the new baby piggy lots of treats, we strongly advise against it. It is very important for micro mini pigs to have a strict diet to maintain a healthy weight. The food we recommend to feed your teacup pig is Mazuri brand Mini Pig food. On the bag, there are directions which will tell you precisely how much to feed the mini piggy. This brand of food is specially formulated for micro mini pigs, which have a different dietary need than other pig breeds such as pot bellied pigs. Regular pig food tends to be filled with growth hormones in it which are designed to fatten a pig purposely (usually for slaughter). Do NOT give your teacup pig regular pig food.

Before adopting, we highly recommend that you check out animal shelters in your area to make sure they don't already have some teacup pigs in their care. Every pig deserves a good home! Shelters are often overcrowded with abandoned critters that are in need of a loving family. If you can, please save a life from being put down.

If at any time you have questions about micro mini pigs, feel free to ask us any time. We are here to help you through the process of acquiring and caring for a teacup piglet. We want to ensure that both the piggy and you are happy!